Saturday, November 21, 2009

General Tips of Mafia Wars

General Tips of Mafia Wars:

1.) When winning or losing fights level, loot, and equipment really make no difference but the correct use of points does.

2.) If you have a large active mafia you can earn 80 – 100 points per hour simply by helping out on their fights, if you fight as their Capo that’s an instant shot of experience.

3.) Experience and cash can be earned just by answering the call when someone asks for help in a mission.

4.) Never stop recruiting. Only 500 can help you on fights but a large mafia means big property income from Mafia Mike’s

5.) Gifting a great way to get some nice and needed items in return.

6.) Treat others in the game like you would want to be treated. I know that sounds kind of like a common sense thing but you would be surprised how many people forget that.

7.) Remember the game is great to play and can chew up hours if you are not careful. Remember to feed the animals, speak to your family, and occasionally go outside to see the sun.

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